Interesting facts about Dinosaurs

Therizinosaurus had the longest claws of even 1 m length.
Mei is the shortest name of a dinosaur.
Micropachycephalosaurus is the longest name of a dinosaur.
Tyrannosaurus’s eyesight was 13 x better than humans’.
The biggest herd of dinosaurs could have had up to several thousand animals.
The biggest dinosaur with feathers was Gigantoraptor.
Horned Pentaceratops had the longest skull.
Quetzalcoatlus was the biggest pterosaur with its wing span up to 18 m,
however, it weighed only around 100 kg.
Microraptor gui was the strangest dinosaur, as it had 4 wings.
Tyrannosaur’s predecessor measured 3 m and it had a special crest on its head. It was called Guanlong.
Spinosaurus with its lengths of more than 18 m was the longest carnivorous.

The biggest herbivorous was a nearly unknown Amphicoelias, which could grow to 50 m of length.

Comparison of dinosaurs’ intelligence:

The intelligence of dinosaurs is measured by so-called Encephalization Quotient(EQ). EQ of a crocodile, which is the only close relative of dinosaurs, was set to 1. Dinosaurs with value less than 1 were not very smart, but those with higher values could have been quite intelligent.